Therapy for Women

Therapy for Women

Do you feel like you aren’t able to fully enjoy your life?

When you are unable to access or appreciate your authentic self, anxiety and depression can start to overshadow your confidence. It can seem like you don’t have control and are out of balance. Though you are far from alone in this experience, self-doubt has probably told you another story that has discouraged you from fully sharing your experience with others. Therapy can be that dedicated place where you process and share what you may not feel you can share anywhere else. As your therapist, I am a resource you have separate from the rest of your life and relationships. I provide the dedicated time, space and support for you to untangle and organize what you know about yourself so that you feel balanced and equipped when life presents you with a challenge.

I believe that therapy is a regular part of living a healthy life – even if you don’t have a specific diagnosis, trauma, or life event to manage or work through. These are things that often bring people into therapy for the first time, but the process itself is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to stay focused on being the best version of themselves.

I believe that the introspection and reflection done in therapy requires a great deal of strength. The willingness to ask for help and be vulnerable to your own in-depth assessment of yourself takes courage – and responding to what you find in that process requires a commitment to personal growth. This commitment can take many forms. It may include individual and/or group work and it could be as frequently as weekly or as occasional as every 6 weeks. You and I will work together to assess your specific situation and brainstorm possible approaches that fit you best. This can be reassessed at any time as I understand that life has many constantly shifting variables.

When you work with me, you are in the driver’s seat. I can help you figure out where you are and work with you to find a path to where you are going, but you are the ultimate decision maker. This is true for all clients I work with – even those who might have mental health symptoms that require a higher level of support.

Personal growth and development is so important.

Do you feel unsure of what the “right” decisions are in your life? With all the influences we are exposed to, it can be hard to decipher your own voice from the crowd.

Getting to know yourself and becoming the person you want to be is no easy feat. It requires self-awareness and discipline. There is no one way to go about this process - it must be personalized to you.

Personal wellness encompasses multiple areas of life and looks different for each individual. Let me help you identify your personal values and the beliefs that influence your behavior. Using your existing strengths and skills, we will hone in on the areas where you want to see change in your life. I can support you in setting specific goals and facing challenges that show up as you do the work.

For many people, there are specific barriers that have gotten in the way of progress on their goals in the past. This could include things like social anxiety, low self-esteem, feeling overwhelmed or depressed, lack of motivation, or imposter syndrome. Over my years as a therapist, I have seen people target a wide variety of goals.

Some examples of previous client goals include:

  • Lowering social anxiety to pursue deeper personal relationships.
  • Learning to manage a mental health diagnosis to live more independently.
  • Going back to school with a plan to manage overwhelm and depression.
  • Getting out of debt and changing money behaviors to have a life that reflects client values.
  • Engaging in consistent self-care so that environments in the client’s life support good mental health.
  • Learning and practicing assertiveness and boundary setting skills to improve relationships and support desired life balance.
  • Finding peace when values and beliefs differ from those of loved ones.
  • Aligning physical health practices (eating well, exercising, seeking medical care when needed) with personal values.

Take the first step, schedule a consult to talk about your specific experiences and goals.

Individual Therapy Fees:

$105/45 minute session

$140/60 minute session

Additional time for longer sessions is billed at the rate of $35/15 minutes.


Group Therapy

Women's Group

Held every other Thursday from 5:15pm-6:15pm via Zoom.

When life is overwhelming or out of balance, it’s easy to feel isolated and feel that nobody knows what you are going through. This biweekly teletherapy group is for female-identifying individuals who want regular time dedicated to understanding themselves and connecting with women in their community. This group can be used to process and analyze stressors, share goals and achievements, or simply verbalize experience and feel heard. This is an open group, so once you are enrolled, you can attend for as many groups as you feel you can benefit from - and you can always take a break and come back.


$60/1 hour meeting

If you are not currently enrolled in therapy, a one hour intake session ($140) is required prior to enrolling in group. Further individual sessions may be recommended, but are not required. The intake session is meant to help me get to know you and ensure the group is a good fit for your needs. If you are currently enrolled in individual therapy with another provider, I can consult with your therapist in place of completing the intake assessment.