Money and Mental Health

if you change nothing, nothing will change

Individual Therapy

Does it feel like financial stability is always just out of reach?

This is a common feeling. Financial wellness is not a simple concept – it relates to so many areas of our lives. Your work dictates how much income you have, which in turn dictates what financial resources you have to pursue education, join a gym, spend time out with friends, travel, meet your medical needs, and much more. When resources are scarce, it can seem like nothing is certain and self-criticism can gain power.

I want to help you redefine your relationship with your finances and reframe money as a source of empowerment instead of a hindrance.

Most of us don’t learn much about money in school. For some, basic budgeting and financial skills may have been covered, but rarely do people graduate from high school feeling their education set them up to confidently make the full range of financial decisions required in adulthood. Some people learn from their families. If you come from a family with a tradition of financial success and stability, you may feel like this is an area of strength for you. If money was scarce or inconsistent during your childhood, the topic might trigger anxiety and stress. If money was not discussed with you growing up, you may be overwhelmed by all of the unknown elements of financial wellness. Regardless of your level of financial knowledge - you may still struggle to reach your financial goals. This is because your relationship with money and yourself is what primarily influences your financial behavior – and your financial behavior is what dictates your circumstances. Knowledge and skills are not equal to behavior – you need to improve your relationship with money and with yourself to reach your money goals.

I can help you do this.

You and I will dedicate our time together to helping you clarify what drives your behavior. There is no one size fits all answer here. I want you to expand your awareness of who you are as an individual and what your beliefs, values and priorities are. In this work with clients, I have found that there is often a misalignment between the client’s values and their behaviors. This is something we are all susceptible to. We are influenced by so many other voices, opinions, and experiences that it can be hard to pinpoint what we genuinely feel and want.

Let me support you in finding your voice and changing your relationship with money.

Individual Therapy Fees:

$105/45 minute session

$140/60 minute session

Additional time for longer sessions is billed at the rate of $35/15 minutes.


Group Therapy


New group beginning February 2022. Email to be added to the wait list. The group will be available for in person attendance as well as video conferencing.

Is money constantly impacting your mental health? Do you want to make changes but you aren’t sure what to change specifically or how to do it? Join this group to learn about yourself and how you can change your relationship with money to build the financial stability you want.


$60/1 hour meeting. Since this is a closed group, members must commit to attending all 8 weeks in order to enroll. Total group cost for 8 weeks is $480.

If you are not currently enrolled in therapy, a one hour intake session ($140) is required prior to enrolling in group. The session is meant to assess for potential clinical mental health diagnosis and ensure the group is a good fit for your needs. If you are currently enrolled in individual therapy with another provider, I can consult with your therapist in place of completing the intake assessment.